If you have exhausted the resources available to you on this Blog, and are unable to solve an issue on your own, or have information to give me, you can get a hold of me through the following channels:


Want to Help?

Donate - If you like the Patcher, please consider a small donation via PayPal. 1€ goes a long way.
Find & Create - You can always help me out by searching for icons in Windows which should get replaced and finding the respective tango!-styled icons to replace them with. Besides that, icon designers who create their own tango! icons are more than welcome to participate in this project.
Spread the Word - Help me spread the word about this Patcher by telling your friends about it on any canal. If more people try it I get feedback to improve it further, which will increase the quality and number of features in the program.
Place a Link on your Website - If you have a website you can help out by placing a link to on your site.